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Open Bottom

Open Bottom

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  • Rago Open Bottom Girdle

    Rago Open Bottom Girdle Style 1359

    1 Review(s)

    Perfect for fitted or clingy garments, this open bottom girdle flattens your tummy and gives you a smoother, more streamlined shape.

    Regular Price: $38.00

    Special Price: $34.20

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  • Rago Shapewear Open Bottom Girdle White

    Rago Shapewear Open Bottom Girdle Style 1294

    4 Review(s)

    This open bottom girdle with a natural shaped back and zipper closures give you extra firm control, so your tummy looks flat and you get smaller hips and waist.

    Regular Price: $56.00

    Special Price: $50.40

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  • Rago Silky Smooth Open Bottom Girdle

    Rago Silky Smooth Open Bottom Girdle Style 1365

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    Get satin smooth firm control with this open bottom girdle that gives you a flat tummy and contoured thighs.

    Regular Price: $37.00

    Special Price: $33.30

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Open Bottom Girdles: For Comfortable, Convenient Shaping

When the weather’s too hot or you’re too busy to bother with snaps and hooks, it’s tempting to forgo wearing shapewear. Go without shapewear if you’re willing to display your bulges for all to see.

But if you still want effective shaping without the discomfort and inconvenience a full body shapewear may bring, open bottom girdles are your best alternatives.

Why Open Bottom Girdles?

Open bottom girdles are similar to half body control slips, only with more control and reinforced construction. Depending on the style, open bottom girdles can give you light to extra firm control.

Since they are open at the bottom, these girdles are convenient for restroom breaks and provide extra ventilation to keep you comfortable and dry. Other benefits of wearing an open bottom girdle include:

  • A smaller waist
    Open bottom girdles, particularly high-waist styles, can trim inches off your waist to make it look smaller.
  • A flatter tummy
    With its reinforced front panels and restricted stretch material, an open bottom girdle can flatten your tummy and control belly flab effectively.
  • Curvy hips
    Through garment compression, open bottom girdles can streamline your hips for a rounder and shapelier appearance that balances out your proportions.
  • A toned derriere
    Reinforced panels that stretch from the front to the sides and back of an open bottom girdle are great for controlling flab in your bum. The panels also lift your derriere for a rounder look.
  • Trimmer thighs
    Open bottom girdles compress flab from your inner and outer thighs. An open bottom girdle gives your legs a toned look under your clothes.

Open bottom girdles are best worn under skirts and dresses. Some styles sport garters that can help hold up your hosiery for a polished look.

Browse our open bottom girdles for convenient, comfortable shaping.