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Girdles: Timeless Shaping in an Instant

Looking good has a lot to do with confidence and the way you carry yourself. But, if a few loose inches and pounds are all that’s standing in the way of your confidence, there’s a lot that GoldenGirdles can do for you.

Wearing a girdle will trim your tummy, shape your waist, and lift your buttocks. Take a look at our girdles to find one that suits you and your shaping needs:

Girdles 101

Our girdles have reinforced panels, breathable gussets, and restricted stretch construction to ensure maximum shaping. Depending on the design, our girdles can provide you with light to extra firm control.

  • Panty Girdles. This are best if you want comfortable shaping without the hassles of zips and hooks. If you are looking for light shaping that’s comfortable enough for daily and all-day wear, this is for you.
  • Padded Panty Girdles. If your bum is a bit on the flat side, enhance its shape by lifting and supplementing it with padded panty shapers.
  • Open Bottom Girdles. If you’ll be wearing a skirt or dress or just prefer breathable comfort, an open bottom girdle is ideal.
  • Plus Size Girdles. For fuller figures with generous curves, you’d do well with the extra shaping and support provided by plus size shapers.
  • Maternity Girdles. Get support for your growing belly with maternity girdles that can help you support the added weight and keep you from totally losing your shape.
  • Postpartum Girdles. Recover your post-pregnancy shape with postpartum girdles. These can help you heal faster by improving blood circulation while keeping the extra inches under control.

Aside from these girdles, we also carry control camisoles and slips, waist cinchers and full body briefers. Browse and check out our girdle collection today and start sporting a slimmer shape.